Americans For Representation

Imagine a government where our politicians actually represent us and our values.

Imagine a government where we have more than two flavors of “democrat” and “republican,” where we have a true market of politicians to choose from.

Imagine a government that the people can trust, because the people have true power over our politicians.

This isn’t a pipe dream. True representation can be achieved right now when ordinary Americans come together to fight for their rights. JOIN THE AMERICANS FOR REPRESENTATION, where we choose our leaders from our members, and our members are paid to lead us.


  1. POLITICS IS A TEAM SPORT. Use the division of labor to strategically coordinate our voting.
  2. PARTICIPATE even with minimal effort -- DELEGATE your wishes out to friends, leaders, and those you trust. PAY our delegates so they can accumulate resources and power to fight corporate and elite interests.
  3. VOTE in every local, state, and federal election.
  4. VOTE in every party primary.
  5. CREATE A COALITION of local voters with enough people to sway elections.
  6. LOBBY our politicians and make them an offer they cannot refuse - Do what we tell them to do, or get elected out of office.

Join the AFR and make a difference. We are dedicated to representing the true democratic will of Americans. We’re a nonpartisan organization, so everyone is invited! VOLUNTEERS WANTED!

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