Americans For Representation

Imagine a government where our politicians actually represent us and our values.

Imagine a government where we have more than two flavors of politician - “Democrat” or “Republican” - but rather a marketplace of politicians from which to choose.

Imagine a government that the people can trust, because the people have real power over the politicians.

This isn’t a pipe dream. True representation can be achieved right now when ordinary Americans come together to fight for their rights. JOIN THE AMERICANS FOR REPRESENTATION, a member owned organization.


Join a team by volunteering with the Americans for Representation!

How can you help?

  1. Join in our local meetings! Your opinions matter, and we want to construct a community consensus. Our organization is run democratically by our members, not by some shadowy political machine from Washington. We use Ranked Choice or Scored Voting to make sure your vote will count. Everyone is encouraged to speak honestly and respectfully about what they care about. Nobody is turned away.

  2. Help us research politicians and issues. Local politics matter. Local primaries matter. Harris County politics are some of the most complex in America, and it’s no small task to become informed about more than 50 elected positions on our ballot. We need volunteers to track the performance of our local elected leaders. We need volunteers to make sense of the latest local ballot propositions.

  3. Advocate for the issues you care about. We want your expertise. Your opinions matter, and we will provide you a platform for advocacy. We encourage members to discuss new ideas and revisit old ones. Talk translates to action when we vote on your proposals, and if adopted, we direct resources towards those proposals.

  4. Vote in Unison. Vote in local elections, primary elections, state elections, and national elections. Research will help create informed voters. Meetings will help establish community consensus. With knowledge and with enough members, we can become the most powerful political group in Texas.

  5. Help us Lobby Politicians. Grassroots lobbying can work, especially if communities are able to vote in unison to influence a politician’s next election. We will talk with our elected officials, negotiate, and force our elected officials to represent us.

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