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We believe that all people deserve to be represented in politics. Please contact us and join our group if you want better representation in government!

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AFR Houston Chapter

We are looking to grow a Houston-based coalition. Houstonians, if you want to make a difference, please consider joining our group!

So how much is this going to cost?

Unfortunately nothing in the world is for free. Nonprofit organizations are typically driven through unpaid volunteer labor and donations. The price is that only the well-off participate, and the well-off drive the agenda using their purse-strings. The AFR however seeks to pay our members and staff for their labor. The AFR wishes to create a political organization affordable to everyone - and that means that people need to be paid for their time. Members will be paid for:

How much will they be paid? And how much do members need to pay to keep everything going? All of these issues are decided democratically. We need to decide how much we value political organization, and pay the price accordingly.